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The Best Australian Music

Icons to Upstarts: Australia’s Enduring Musical Legacy

Searing guitars echoing across stadiums to synthesizers reverberating underground raves and lyrical anthems uniting entire countries, Australian musicianship knows no creative bounds.

Australia punches above its weight across musical diversity – gifted creators defined only by ingenuity. Internationally renowned bands like INXS, AC/DC and Bee Gees built the foundations. Yet the soulful defiance of The Seekers and indie experimentation of Tame Impala also etched Australian sound.

The best Australian music legends include iconic bands like AC/DC and solo artists like Kylie Minogue. Other noteworthy figures are the rock band INXS and the legendary singer-songwriter Nick Cave.

  • Rock legends like AC/DC, INXS and The Bee Gees launched onto the world’s airwaves from Australia
  • Pop pioneers like Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia lead with catchy choruses and theatrical flair
  • Genre fusionists such as Tame Impala spearhead musical innovation through psychedelic experimentation
  • Rappers like Iggy Azalea and producers like Flume put Australia on the hip-hop and EDM map
  • Local songwriters consistently craft chart-topping hits for the industry’s biggest global superstars

The most famous Australian singer of all time

Some of Australia’s most famous singers globally are Olivia Newton-John, Kylie Minogue, Sia, and Keith Urban. Olivia Newton-John especially gained immense international popularity after starring in the hit movie musical Grease. Both she and Kylie Minogue are among the world’s best-selling artists thanks to their pop appeal.

The most famous Australian artist

When it comes to the most famous Australian artists ever, globally successful bands like AC/DC, INXS, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Bee Gees tend to top the ranks. AC/DC in particular has asserted their status not just as Australia’s most famous band, but one of the world’s best-selling groups of all time after decades of powerful arena rock anthems.

The greatest Australian band ever

Based on record sales, longevity, and overall impact, bands frequently cited as the best or most influential Australian groups ever include AC/DC, Bee Gees, INXS, Midnight Oil, and Crowded House. More recent bands like Tame Impala also earn acclaim for their musical innovation continuing Australia’s global influence.

The biggest selling Australian music artist of all time

The biggest selling Australian group, according to sales and chart performance data, is the renowned rock band AC/DC featuring hits spanning decades like “Highway to Hell” and “Thunderstruck”. Pop singer Kylie Minogue claims the honor as Australia’s highest-selling solo artist thanks to consistent dance-pop releases through the years.

Australian Musicians
Artist Significance
AC/DC Internationally acclaimed rock band known for powerful performances.
INXS Worldwide fame in the 1980s/90s with a fusion of rock, new wave, and pop.
Olivia Newton-John Influential in pop and country music, and iconic role in “Grease”.
The Bee Gees Significant impact on the disco scene, particularly with “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack.
Kylie Minogue A pop icon, known for spectacular live performances and hit songs.
Nick Cave Known for deep baritone voice and leading the rock band Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.
Keith Urban Country music star famous for his guitar skills and crossover appeal in pop music.
Sia Renowned for powerful voice and hits like “Chandelier”, and songwriting for other artists.
Tame Impala Psychedelic music project led by Kevin Parker, influential in modern psychedelic rock.
Midnight Oil Known for political activism and hits like “Beds Are Burning.”
Men at Work Gained international fame in the 1980s with their hit “Down Under.”
Crowded House Known for melodic pop songs like “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”
Paul Kelly Influential singer-songwriter known for storytelling through his music.
Gotye Gained worldwide fame with his hit “Somebody That I Used to Know.”
Iggy Azalea Known for her success in the rap genre with hits like “Fancy.”
5 Seconds of Summer Pop rock band known for their energetic performances and hits like “Youngblood.”
Flume Electronic music producer and DJ known for his innovative sounds and Grammy-winning work.
Hilltop Hoods Influential in the Australian hip-hop scene with their unique approach to the genre.
Natalie Imbruglia Known for her hit song “Torn” and her impact in pop music.
The Avalanches Known for their innovative use of sampling in electronic music.

Contemporary breakouts showcase the continuum – Amy Shark’s vulnerable lyrics, Flume’s atmospheric house and Ruel’s genre-bending pop each channel honesty through the lens of modern production. And Sia’s stratospheric songwriting continues hitting universal notes from behind the curtain.

Away from commercial charts, Mansionair’s glitchy electronica, Sticky Fingers’ reggae-soaked rock and Art vs Science’s high energy instrumentals ignite festival mainstages. The Murlocs’ 60s garage fuzz transports to a retro world. And underground, Courtney Barnett’s witty odes ring authentic above inventive guitar work. From virtuosic musicianship to lyrical resonance, Australia’s depth of talent knows no bounds.

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