Forget Roses: Heartfelt Ways to Truly Show You Care

The Best ways to say i love you

The Best Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

Valentine’s Day conjures images of chocolate, roses, and stereotypical romantic gestures. While those can be nice, real love means truly seeing someone for who they are and what makes them feel cherished. The key is understanding your loved one’s unique “love language.”

The best way to tell someone you love them is through sincere and open communication, expressing your feelings honestly. Additionally, showing consistent care and affection in your actions reinforces the sentiment beyond words.

Rather than relying on generic gifts or gestures, tune into what really makes your partner or close friends feel appreciated. An acts of service person would cherish having errands run for them, while quality time means more to someone who values connection. Discover their language, then channel your energy into those personalized expressions of love.

  • Move beyond generic Valentine’s gestures by learning your loved ones’ unique love languages
  • Tailor expressions of affection to what makes each person feel most cherished
  • Love languages include words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and thoughtful gifts
  • Shared understanding of love languages can transform relationships at any stage
  • Thoughtful, personalized gestures rooted in understanding resonate more than gifts alone

How To tell someone you love them deeply

There are many meaningful ways to express deep love and affection for someone special. Tailor your expression of love to their unique personality and interests. Write them a heartfelt love letter detailing what you cherish most about them, plan a surprise romantic getaway just for the two of you to reconnect, cook them their childhood favorite comfort food and enjoy it by candlelight, create a customized scrapbook of your relationship memories as a gift, or slow dance in your living room as you tell them how much they mean to you.

How to say I love you in a unique way

Rather than a cliché “I love you”, get creative with how you express your affection! Share a special memory or inside joke only the two of you would understand, whisper sweet nothings as you slow dance cheek-to-cheek, prepare their favorite meal or dessert and present it with a cute note that says “I love you berry much!”, frame a meaningful printed photo of you two with a loving caption, or celebrate their uniqueness by creating “10 Things I Love About You” list for them to discover.

How to say you really love someone

Speaking your love out loud directly with genuine emotion, consistent acts of service and quality time, heartfelt written affection, and physical closeness and intimacy all convincingly communicate love and care for someone in a relationship. The keys are expressing it consistently, following through with loving actions, openly communicating your feelings for them and vulnerabilities in the relationship, and showing you know and cherish them deeply as a person.

The 5 Best ways to tell someone you love them

  1. Verbal affection – Directly say “I love you” along with specific reasons why you cherish them.
  2. Quality time – Give your undivided attention and really listen without distractions.
  3. Thoughtful gifts – Surprise them with a personalized gift that shows how well you know their interests.
  4. Acts of service – Do chores and tasks you know they would like handled.
  5. Physical touch – Kiss, hug, hold hands, cuddle. Non-sexual physical affection creates intimacy.
A handwritten love letter.

Words of Affirmation

This love language is about verbal expressions of love, including genuine compliments, words of encouragement, verbally appreciating someone’s talents or character traits, love letters, reassuring words when someone is doubting themselves, funny inside jokes that only the two of you share, whispering sweet nothings, and expressing your affection verbally such as saying “I love you” or specific reasons why you cherish someone. Simple spoken affection goes a long way.

A sticky note left on the mirror with an encouraging message.

Acts of Service

For those whose love language is centered on acts of service, helpful gestures and serving each other expresses love better than anything else. Some examples are cooking a favorite meal for your loved one when they’ve had a long day, running important errands for them, helping them with an unpleasant chore, filling their car with gas before a trip, volunteering for the same organization, remembering important events and commitments for them, and offering to help with any tasks big or small. Jumping in to serve shows your dedication.

A grandparent reading a story to their grandchild.

Gifts of Time

Quality bonding time is crucial for those whose love language priorities meaningful connection. This means giving your undivided attention, putting phones away for uninterrupted conversations, having fun experiences together, trying new activities that you know the other person would enjoy, scheduling regular date nights or friend hangouts, going for a long walk while you talk, traveling together, stargazing on a blanket outside, dancing in the living room just because, and deliberately focusing on quality shared moments. Presence matters more than presents.

A child giving their parent a heartfelt hug.

Physical Touch

For some people, nothing communicates love better than physical closeness, whether romantic or platonic. Holding hands, massages after a stressful day, head scratches and playing with hair, cuddling on the couch, slow dancing in the kitchen, kissing passionately, back rubs when sore or tired, sensual intimacy, holding one another after a fight, high fives and fist bumps to say hello/goodbye or celebrate little wins, warm embraces, nuzzling into their neck, and plenty of flirty butt pinches. Physical affection releases oxytocin and intensely connects two people.

A person making breakfast in bed for their loved one.

Gifts of Receiving

Thoughtful gifts and mementos can mean the world to someone whose love language is centered on giving and receiving symbolic gifts. Bring them souvenirs back from your solo travels, cook their beloved comfort food from childhood, frame meaningful printed photos for their office wall, buy them their much-wanted tech gadget or household item, get them personalized jewelry with your names and a romantic quote engraved on it, remembered their exact coffee order and bring them a cup, pick them fresh wildflowers when hiking to gift them with later, buy thoughtful little trinkets you think match their personality and make them smile, splurge on concert or game tickets you know they’d enjoy, and give mass-produced cards with heartfelt personal messages inside. These gifts show you really care.

Go beyond the chocolate and roses by exploring love languages together. Share your interpretations of what makes you feel most loved and cherished. Understanding each other on this deeper level can transform a friendship or relationship.

When we take the time to deeply know someone, we can thoughtfully express our affection in ways that resonate. Love languages remind us that small gestures rooted in understanding mean more than gifts alone. Spread more love through little acts of service, sweet physical touches, or by really listening. Let your special people know they are loved, today and always.

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